5 Facts About Grandma’s iPad That Will Impress Your Friends

5 Facts About Grandma’s iPad That Will Impress Your Friends

Grandma’s iPad isn’t just filled with Apps to remind her when to take her pills or to read out load the latest issue from Time Magazine while Grandma knits a scarf (although the aforementioned is still true…) Grandma also has an impressive amount of cool iPad apps that will be sure to impress your friends.

1. Games

What? You thought Grandma’s can’t be avid gamers? Well step aside honey, let Grandma show you how it’s done. Below are some of Grandma’s favourite best iPad applications for gaming.

  • Lumosity
  • Brain Exerciser
  • Hasbro
  • Draw Something
  • Angry Bird

2. Social Media

Grandma is into all the social media going on today. It’s a very important part of Grandma’s life since it’s some of the key ways I’m able to stay connected with my family. Some of the best free ipad apps for social media are:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Google +
  • Pinterest
  • Instagram

3. Customization

The iPad is one of the easiest pieces of technology Grandma has ever used. Besides the obvious capabilities such as instant internet access, social media and email (as well applications (Apps) for any need you could think of) the iPad is also incredibly customizable, inside and out. Here are some examples of how Grandma customizes her iPad:

  • Background image & lock screen image
  • Using folders to group “like-Apps” together, e.g. games, personal, media
  • Accounts including email and social media
  • Settings including brightness and colour saturation, font size, App icon size
  • iPad protective case

4. Push Notifications

What is a push notification? A push notification is when you set an App to notify you when something about the App has changed or has been updated. For instance, Grandma has enabled push notifications on most of her social media Apps on her iPad. This means when someone uploads a photo or posts a new ‘status update’ Grandma’s iPad will do a little ring-a-ding-ding to alert me that someone in my social feed on that App has posted new content. This is highly desirable for many people so they can keep tabs on certain individuals in their lives. For Granny here, I like to stay up to date with what my family is doing so I have set my account settings to send me push notifications for those select few individuals. I can track my grand kids and see when they’re up to no good, or I can stay up to date with ladies I have on my social feeds who are in my community groups.

5. Password Protection

Grandma puts a password on everything! Not the same password for everything of course, that would be silly. Some folks may think that because we’re senior citizens we don’t think of stuff like putting passwords on our accounts or electronic devices. To the contrary, safety on the internet or personal devices is incredible important and is a serious growing concern. If you were to lose your device be it your iPad or smart phone you risk losing more than just your contact list. You banking information, personal email information, account information could be in jeopardy. Password protect your tablets, smart phones and computers, always.

If you thought Grandma was a bit of a idiot and didn’t know what she was doing on her iPad, think again buddy. Ask your friends fun facts about their iPads and what cool iPad apps they use. Now ask yourselves this – who’s cooler, your friend or Grandma? ;)

Bye for now kido.

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