About Me

Hi, I’m Grandma and I love technology.

I guess your here because you want to know what an old bag like me is doing online.

Well, it wasn’t easy or even something I thought I’d ever get into that’s for sure. But through trial and error, and a lot of screaming at my cat (poor thing – had to take my frustrations out on something) I managed to learn and utilize modern technologies.

I created this site to help other older adults and seniors like myself learn to use technology and the internet.

It is through my trials and tribulations which have brought me to a place of, shall I say expertise on getting acquainted with utilizing modern technology and the internet. I wish to share my experiences in the hopes that it makes your learning much easier and quicker than mine.

I love cats, I walk nearly everywhere I go and I pick my nose when no one’s watching.

I’m Grandma and I love technology.