Devices That Fit Your Lifestyle

Hello Everyone – Grandma here

If you’re feeling a bit overwhelmed by all the different types of devices available on the market today, do not fear Granny is here!

The best way to narrow down what you need is to see what best fits your lifestyle.

Below are Grandma’s top 3 questions to ask yourself when choosing a new device.

1. What are my top priorities when using my current devices?

If I enjoy chatting on the phone with folks and send text messages, picture messages and small video the best fit device of choice would be a smart phone. This would allow me to use the phone for making calls, send my text messages as well as some internet access to perhaps other texting applications and video applications.

2. What type of portability do you need?

Grandma is an avid traveller. I bring my iPad (which is a type of tablet computer) with me where ever I galavant. It is much smaller than a computer, much lighter than a computer, much more portable than a computer and yet gives me enough of a monitor to read my emails in larger fonts, check my emails, send photos to my family while I’m away on vacation and chat with my family live over the webcam capabilities.

If this is not you, and you typically do all your computer work when you are at home, perhaps a desk top computer (stays in one place) or a laptop (portable, but not as portable as a tablet) is right for you.

3. Do you use any specific types of software or programs?

If you are a more intermediate to advance computer or device user, you may prefer specific programs such as email software or video software to edit the home videos you love to make. In this case, you would probably want to invest in an actual computer. There are many types of ‘computers’. Heck, a cell phone is a computer! But something a little more thorough would be a better fit. By investing in a computer, desktop or laptop, you will receive a much larger working area with your screen and keyboard than you would on a smaller tablet or smart phone. You would also get much more storage on a computer which could better manage your archive of music, videos and photos.

Determining your needs will better guide you into choosing a device that suit your lifestyle.

If you only use your current device for checking emails, you do not need as complex of a device as someone who is a professional photographer and needs to use expensive editing software.

Alright youngens, off to fill up the bird feeder and gossip with the neighbors.






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