Digital Address Book

Screen Shot 2014-03-02 at 12.51.13 PMFirst off, what is a digital address book?

Simply put, it is an electronic version of your contact’s information.

You could have a digital address book on your smart phone, tablet, computer, email account and other electronic sources. The benefits to having all your contact’s information in a digital address book is that it is portable.

Let’s say you are out and about doing your weekly shopping when you find yourself in the toothbrush isle. You instantly remember that you forgot to book your next dental appointment, so you go into your smart phone and find your dentist’s office number and call to book your next appointment. Done! Had you not had the contact information on you at the time, you would not have been able to call and then risk forgetting all over again. Situations such as this happen all the time. Having your digital address book on your smart phone was pretty handy.

Most people don’t always realize what a ‘life saver’ having your contact book available to you at all times really is. Seriously! What if you left for vacation and forgot to send your boss the last draft of the project you were working on? No problem. Once you reach your hotel you’ll be staying at, you can log on to their internet and sent the file directly from you laptop or tablet to your boss from his contact information saved to your digital address book.

The contact information contained in these address books is set-up by you so you have complete control over what type of contact information is saved. E-mail addresses, home or business addresses, phone numbers etc. can all be saved in an address book.

Grandma highly recommends setting up a digital address book on a portable device so you can have you contact information anywhere and available to you at anytime.

Now, if only they could invent something that could find my keys…


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