Grandma’s Views on Technology

It wasn’t all that long ago Grandma took a big leap into technology.

It all started off with a computer. Simple fiddling with it’s already installed games and programs. Eventually, Grandma became snoopy (as she usually does) and – big bang boom – she opened a web browser and discovered the internet. Although intimidating at first, Granny decided to go along with it and what she discovered forever changed her life…

The biggest achievement I’ve been able to make online is connecting with the people I most enjoy. Whether that be my family, friends (or the lady who always steals my stampers at bingo), I find it a lot easier to share my life with them and see what everyone’s up to. I use social media such as Facebook and Twitter to speak with my friends and family, post photos of what I’m up to and inform my contact lists of important announcements or meetings. I am part of online groups which post monthly calendars of the events I like to attend such as my bingo and euchre nights, when things are cancelled and re-scheduled, etc. I can see family on vacation from videos they post to social media or send me via email. I even do my personal baking and finance management through online programs.

I now have a smart phone and a tablet which allow me to do many (if not all) of the same functions as my laptop computer. Granny is accessible on multiple platforms! Weeeehoooo

Don’t be a cranky old lady like I was! I created this site to help those who feel intimidated by technology, lost or frustrated.

You too can have as great of success as Grandma has with today’s modern technologies.

Remember, if Granny can do it, so can you.

Oh dear, my cat is whining again… better go give him a smack, I mean put out some milk!





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